The shaman

The shaman

This amazing character, although a giant (he had to lean to fit through the door), has the energy and face of an elf, appearance of a movie star, and the heart of a shaman-to-be, 30, maybe and has already been through the planet.  He came to see me, a few times. For a while, he lost touch with the greatness of his soul but slowly, I see him opening again, now. What a glory!

Potential is the greatest catalyst for me. On this 4th session, I pray more and let go of myself, into channeling the reiki more and I don’t care if I will shake or fall on the floor or anything, I want a message for this giant elf. We dwelled in concepts, touched the surface long enough. I pray for something to go deeper into him. The words I keep on hearing for him, are ‘let go, let go’, but they are not good enough. I won’t settle for them.

Then, the mind stops, the search stops and all is aligned in perfection.

An older shaman is in spirit, here: ‘So, open, then!’ I open instantly, I even see my upper part of the body, my head included opened like a lotus flower. The shaman slips an orange fiery thing through my once head, it travels through me and goes into my client, on the table. Our bodies are forming a shape I know I have to remember.  All this feels like the most normal thing in the world. The Reiki session is close to the end. My client is lying on the table, I am holding his shins. All is peaceful, and a thought: ‘remember this shape, remember this shape’. I try hard to remember, there’s no memory nor memory forming in this space…

When spoken, my story feels dull, unnecessary; he says he was indeed apprenticed to a shaman in a past life… my words seem to fizzle out the wonder of the moment… I will speak less.

…but I know something changed for him, it will at some point, manifest, and that’s enough, for now.

Later, when I looked for explanations on the shape our bodies formed when the shaman came, I found that it was the shape of the cross Peter was crucified on; Peter asked to be crucified on an inverted crucifix because he thought he was not worthy to be on the same kind of cross as Jesus was.


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