About the spiritual counselling sessions

Counselling is for anyone and everyone who may be going through a temporary difficult phase or for anyone dealing with a chronic, long-standing challenge that’s taking a toll on them. It is about letting go of resentments and grievances, releasing pent-up emotions, expressing frustrations, uncovering hidden pains that have been holding us back and finding ways to experience peace of mind and fulfilment.


Are new things happening to you and you cannot explain them? New energies rising in you and old ones are leaving? Like your DNA and your whole paradigm being transformed? Do you have days of confusion and days of bliss and freedom?

I know of these, studied them…a lot, from books, courses, retreats, videos, interactions… and lived them. There are ways to live with these and people to understand you.

The main aim of counselling is to create an emotionally safe space in which you can explore, discover and clarify ways of living more satisfyingly and resourcefully. Throughout the counselling process, the pace, and the choice for growth and/or change remain with you.

The major goals of counselling are:

    • improving the ability to form and sustain relationships,
    • increasing efficacy and coping capacity,
    • helping modify habits,
    • facilitating potential and promoting the decision-making process,
    • development


The counselling sessions with me are custom-made. Your pace and your unique situation inform them.

Standard procedures I picked up from years of modules of Higher Education, with The Open University, which is accredited by The British Psychology Society and many other courses, might come into play; however, I am committed to using my intuition and honour the point in your particular journey, above everything.

Please feel free to ask any questions before you decide to come and see me.