Dowsing is a technique to search for underground water, minerals, ley lines, and also to measure anything invisible.

Dowsing can measure (in percent) things such as:

  • The benefit of a person in your life
  • The benefit of a job or another
  • The gaps in people’s auras
  • Where a lost object can be
  • The quantity of ‘light’ in someone
  • Etc.


As long as something took place or it takes place now, done properly, the dowsing instruments can measure it. The measurement involves the observing of the motion of a pointer (loop, rods) or the changes in direction of a pendulum. The scientific explanation for what happens when people dowse is that “ideomotor movements” – muscle movements caused by subconscious mental activity – make anything held in the hands move.

Pendulum dowsing is the use of a weighted object on a string or chain to get an answer, usually in a yes/no format, to questions you cannot answer rationally.

The instrument I am mainly using is very famous in Romania, there’s a special school where people attend for years to get into the depths of it. It is a silver loop and a goniometer. One of my clients mentioned that it looks like a Ouija board and I think he is right.