About The Reiki sessions

On our first meeting, we have a short conversation (10 – 15 minutes). If you’d like, we can discuss the reasons you thought about reiki and a bit about your situation and we might decide together how many sessions you will have and the timings to suit your schedule. In the presence of a serious health challenge, Reiki practitioners often recommend four sessions spread over four days. We can have only a single session, or two, or as many as you prefer. Also, I take note of your preferences about background music, lighting, touching your body, incense / or not (aromatherapy), and organize them to suit you.

Reiki can be channeled both in person or long distance.

In the situation you choose to come and see me, you lie on a treatment couch or, if you prefer, sit in a chair. Your jewelries are being removed; there is no need to remove any clothing. The clothing should be as comfortable as possible and if your feet are sensitive or cold natured, wear some cosy socks.

Then, I gently place my hands either on your body (non-intrusively) or a few inches above it, to channel the Reiki energy. This is done along the body from head to toe, spending 3 to 5 minutes in each hand position. Working with the whole body allows the body’s energy centers to open up so Reiki works where it is most needed. A treatment lasts about 45 minutes, or it can be tailored to your needs.

The distance sessions are empowered by a symbol received by the practitioner in the Reiki II attunement.

Long distance reiki sessions are performed by using a picture of the person to send Reiki to, by writing the person’s name on a piece of paper or by meditating, hence connecting to the person energetically, with the practitioner in an Alpha or Theta state; also activating the distant symbol, Reiki can be sent to them no matter where they are. The distant sessions are organized in advance. The receiver has to ensure that during the session they are relaxing and not performing any activities that require their attention such as driving a car.

After the reiki transmission is over, usually I have a relaxed conversation with my client about the experience he or she had and make connections and comments together with the client.

During and after the reiki sessions, most people experience a deep sense of relaxation and an overwhelming sense of well-being. During the treatment clients often report feelings of intense warmth, tingling, reduction in pain and discomfort, and a general melting away of worries. Occasionally visions of colors, shapes or images may occur; some of my clients fell asleep during the sessions and had vivid dreams with messages.

The best way to experience reiki is by feeling it.