Definition in Oxford dictionary: “A pack of 78 cards with five suits, used for fortune – telling and (especially in Europe) in certain games. The suits are typically swords, cups, coins (or pentacles), batons (or wands), and a permanent suit of trumps. Ex: ‘tarot is a powerful way of revealing the truth about your life'”

This is only a short definition in Oxford dictionary, for the ones that are not quite sure yet. But that’s not what the tarot cards are all about. Tarot helps you create your future through knowledge. Empowering and enlightening, you will learn how to actively create amazing outcomes. Tarot is a “mirror of the soul”, it links the subconscious with the conscious awareness. Tarot changes lives by making you aware of your choices and the patterns of outcomes. According to The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (creators of the most popular deck) “The most powerful sources of information come from within; the tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.” The tarot is an excellent way of gaining a fresh perspective on your life, or on a specific situation. It can shed new light on old emotional problems, negative aspects of relationships; suggest parts of your life or personality you are neglecting, and help you make more balanced, insightful decisions. The tarot assists you in getting a clear, detached view of what you are doing right now, and where you are heading. James Wanless, author of the Voyager Tarot called the tarot deck “fortune-creating”.

The tarot deck is about 500 years old and has become the most common and popular tool in the art of divination. The tarot deck is a remarkable introspection tool. It collected in its pictures all the feelings, thoughts, stillness, actions, dreams and choices a human being can experience. Three things are usually coming in the manifestation in a reading: the subconscious of the inquirer (that chooses the cards he or she needs to use for success in a specific moment of life), the right approach and the reader’s intuition. A powerful catalyzer in receiving answers it is a basic willingness to face ourselves.

I could go on and on about tarot and it’s connections with The Akashi field”, activating the third eye chakra, quantum physics, Jung’s archetypes and shadow, synchronicities, psyche (Oxford Dictionary : psyche – “the human soul, mind or spirit”). I have started talking about all these on my Blog section and my Facebook.