About The Readings

In a bold attempt to simplify the source of the answers we get in a reading: a mixture of intuition, knowledge and unveiling some hidden bits of the unconscious. Just like with any other tool, there are formulas to get better and faster results. Used in a proper way, the tarot deck can help bringing peace, answers, success.

All my readings are custom made. Some steps we might follow:

– A few minutes of prayer, meditation or just thinking about the question addressed.

– My client pick up a few cards while I spread them, or choose the cards by indicating their position on the deck.

– I read the cards and sometimes use the dowsing tools and interpret them. The spreads I do are smaller or bigger and are chosen according to the topics and the way we decide to address them.

In order to use efficiently all the time we have together, would be advisable for you to think about a question or more, or a topic you want to address, before the reading. They can be related to any area of your life. If you are not sure, we can decide together.

I have to mention I do not do fortune-telling. The future is changing and the higher you are on a consciousness scale (the more evolved) the more free will you have and a greater possibility to make your own future. Even the Bible is mentioning God changing his mind regarding the city of Nineveh. So, if you are looking for someone who pretends to know all the future of every single person they see, to avoid disappointment, please think twice before coming to see me.

Me, my cards, the dowsing loop and the knowledge gathered from many books, courses and The Open University from which I have a Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology with Counselling, are offering:

– readings of the energies around you now

– pointing at aspects you might have missed

– pointing to aspects you might have chosen not to considered before

– pointing to aspects you already know but could use some reassurance

– recommending resources that might be further helpful

– showing you shortcuts to achieving your goals

Based on these readings and measurements, we can play and speculate about the future.

Theatricality is not my concern. I rather concentrate on my clients getting something to last. All readings are confidential. I want to give you a relaxed, nice experience. I like a good lough anytime but I also say it as it is, as it comes to me; after all, getting to find out new perspective is one of the reasons for which we are using the tarot.

If this is for you, I am honored to serve you and look forward to meeting you.