A portal in Scotland?

A portal in Scotland?

A strange, unexpected experience happened while living in Scotland. Me and my partner at the time, we used to take hikes when it wasn’t raining.

You know, that state that we don’t really pay much attention to when we are in it and we just notice we have it only when it changes? That change happened during this particular hike. So clear! Boom! From ‘business as usual’ to complete peace. So obvious in me and so obvious in my partner…surprising, as well.

‘Did you feel that?’


Nothing changed outside, in the scenery, like turning a corner or suddenly noticing an animal or anything like that, it was just opened space, we were walking on a path.

We took a step back – the same usual inner state, with some mild tension, some thoughts,

step forward – immense peace,

step back – the usual,

step forward – joy.

It was like an unseen demarcation between two obvious energy fields…a portal?



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