Reiki episodes: Mother Mary / Lord Shiva

Reiki episodes: Mother Mary / Lord Shiva

Before the session, my client spoke and spoke for almost 2 hours…she was the last one that day, so, I just went with it. She was suicidal, she did something wrong at work and being, in general, a decent person, now she was in a deep state of shame and guilt; also, the next day she was going to have a meeting with her manager and was extremely anxious about that. Her huge anxiety was coming out through everything, her body language, speaking, confusion…

The reiki session lasted about 45 minutes. During the session, for a few minutes, I saw and felt a presence I was certain it was Mother Mary; she came together with a blanket of light that was slipped under the client.

After the session, my client was a different person; the change was so abrupt, she was in such an enhanced state that it took me quite a few minutes to adjust to the position she was coming from, now. It was like she had taken a strong drug; 180 degrees change. She behaved as if she had no problem at all, with anything, her speech and body language were changed. All her visions, during the session, colors, energy-like-lighting, stars, etc… were the same as in a Mother Mary’s picture I have, plus, to complete the image I had with the light blanket that I saw being slipped under her, she said she felt like her whole body was lifted. I tried for a brief while to make sense of this, in a scientifical way, too; I thought about the telepathy between the 2 of us and although that might be an explanation, it doesn’t explain the 180 degrees of change in her state. The client has no records of mental issues, she is a fully functional healthy, bright woman.

The idea of Mother Mary’s energy visiting my room was a bit too overwhelming. At the same time, the pristine energy I experienced during the session was overwhelming and out of this world, too. I am thinking not in terms of the Virgin Mary camming here, but rather that her energy can be in a huge number of places at the same time and was here for this particular woman, that made one mistake. I also heard an Advaita student dismissing this event as if it was nothing, just another thing in the Maya. Well, I really hope this ‘just another thing’ will have the same effect on my clients especially when they are before a meeting that might change their whole life.

A similar episode of 180 degrees change happened with another client a few months after, only this time I perceived the presence of Lord Shiva, putting an orange oval thing, like a crystal, on top of my client. What this particular client saw was negative energy being released through her left foot and a sense of perfect peace.


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