~~  Beginning  ~~

It’s dusk and the neighbours on top of my roof

still tweet,

next door, cars roar,

my brainmates still waft

like the snow in a ball.

And I begin to see,

how today

is again made of time.

So I start unpacking the noise in the street and the dimness in the sky,

to travel abroad this box

And I begin to ignore

the phantom of re-,


~~ God’s confession ~~

Poetry always walks with me.

When we became the world and all there is,

we both agreed

to never fully merge in one and die.

In the beginning, there was poetry

and in the end, there’s still

My wife and I.


~~ Twilight ~~

Then, in a flash, I drifted,

reshaped forever by the excellence of you

I knew

just soaring.

Later that dusk I’ve seen,

along with all the other paths, the path that’s straight had vanished

The gravity collapsed; the time imploded.

I was just soaring.

And further still,


in roundedness,

a feel:

‘It’s I, let’s play’.


~~ Know ~~

Some know,

on the crests the air is rare.

Most peaks are not designed for over-breathing

nor many other kinds of over.


yet do know,

only for dwellers, waltzing is possible, there.

Most think

the crests are too high,

but for some, they are only first halts on the way.

They are barren of people, but brimming with lustre

and after some visits,

the yearn is to fly.

On the fringe,

by the sky,

to be walked just with grace,

on the crests of the Earth,

do know,

do know of this place.




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