Non-duality with The Doc?

Non-duality with The Doc?

How is one talking about nothing? In 2017 I had one hour or so of existence in which I did nothing, yet everything was done, through me.

I was working in the restaurant of a hotel. We knew how many guests we had, every evening. Once a month, maybe, there will be extras, like this night. 2 people, a couple, late, last clients, sat in my area. They were old, 80, or more.

As soon as they came in, everything changed, and yet, all the objects, the room, stayed the same.

Not only the whole feeling of the environment changed, I just disappeared. There just was no person anymore inside the body, no mind, no identity, nothing, not even body feelings, more like a hologram or so and yet the two were served, the usual things were done. There was just flow, all flow, all harmony. In cinema, to illustrate such things, such otherworldliness, they use slow motion and bright light. These 2 people were celestial looking, ethereal, their moves were slow, there was something like a dance, ceremonious, about the way they moved. I am now thinking of the sacred dances or Tai Chi. I knew there was an energy field coming out of them and I absolutely knew they are present for me, part of an assignment, maybe? I tried to see this energy field a few times with the physical eyes.  I asked my colleague at the door for their name – Constantine. I’m now using ‘I’ but it would be more accurate to say ’the asking happened, the studying of them happened’. I also knew they know I was watching them from a few meters away and that was fine, like actors, on a stage, that’s why they came. The man was looking exactly like one of my favourite spiritual figures, Dr. David R. Hawkins; his height, weight, skin spots, hair insertion, even the colours, light, in which he was dressed. There was something utterly angelic about them. They had 3 courses, they paid and they left and I, now, have no idea how to better describe an experience of complete ego dissolution and non-duality.




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