Spread in times

Spread in times

A knowing clearer than any knowledge I had until 47 years of age… a knowing as clear as the knowing we are. How else to translate that into words? It happened on the 24th of August 2021.

I was taking a shower and all of a sudden, I knew beyond any doubt that in that very moment my ‘essence’, let’s say soul, was spread through different places and different times. The process I experienced at the thought level was initially ‘Ok, so this is happening’, my interior state was changing fast the way it changes when experiencing completely different surroundings and situations, a very powerful sensation of disintegration at the energetic level, very intensely felt in the body, I started shaking, could not keep my body straight; in a few seconds, I began praying…I am writing this 8 months later and try now to recall what was I praying for; I remember the intention was to be seen, assisted maybe because there was an underlying feeling that someone or something in charge lost sight of things for a moment. Then, it stopped. All this lasted maybe 2, or 3 minutes and during all this time I did squat because it was impossible to still stand, but it didn’t even occur to me to stop the shower.

I’ve been shaking for 2 days, not much, more like an interior vibration.

After that, a thought and a peace: ‘Cleaning windows, in this body is such a blessing’

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