Long distance reiki

Long distance reiki

The first long-distance reiki session I’ve done was by request, for a client who used to live in the same town as me and moved 500 miles away, to Glasgow. A very beautiful, intelligent, ambitious young woman, also very active and anxious.

Played some binaural beats and I told her to relax, I lay down, not looking at the camera that was still on. During the session, I put my hands on my body and imagine it was hers. Firstly, I felt to place my hands on my chest, as if to calm her down, think loving, reassuring thoughts. After some minutes I heard through the internet connection the sound of a page being turned on and I realized that she could not just close her eyes and relax, she was reading; I then placed my hands on my head, imagining it was hers and thought about dispelling the tension in there.

In the conversation we had after the session, she told me she was more relaxed and there were 2 places on her body where she felt tingling and heat – her chest and her head.



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