Reiki episodes: Dragon-snake inside somebody

Reiki episodes: Dragon-snake inside somebody

With reiki there’s often tingling, heat, visions of colours, places, and situations, often from other roams, in the majority of cases there’s a huge relaxation accompanied by light-headedness. Sometimes, these occurrences make sense when put together in the conversation we have after. During some of the sessions, not all of them, I felt and knew of the presence of light beings. It is still too humbling for me to talk in these terms, but I have to use words in writing and I see these entities as being everywhere, not as coming especially to me; so far I could identify Virgin Mary, Mahagauri (the Hindu goddess), Lord Shiva, Jesus Christ, Saint Michael and a famous catholic nun who lived until 24 years of age – St. Therese de Lisieux, known also as ‘Little flower’ (she came only during a session with a 14-year-old boy).

Dragon – snake inside someone

A huge, powerful dragon-snake, their body coiled, their head up, in a vertical position. I saw the reiki energy slipping alongside the dragon’s body. In a brief second, I knew that this time, the snake was not going to interfere with me; however, if I went on seeing his symbiont, my client, things will be different next time. This creature’s energy was very still and very powerful, it was beautiful, salmon-orange and red in colour. I spent a few hours with this client.

After finishing, I started shaking heavily. The only church open in town was a few miles away, in less than an hour I was in this church, spent the rest of the day shaking and that was it. I did refuse this client the next time they tried to visit me, but situations like this one happens once a year, only.




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