Meeting Hindu deities

Meeting Hindu deities


It started in spring 2022, with the exchange of some brief compliments with an Indian guy online. I was impressed initially with the overall energy of goodness that was surrounding him. He mentioned Mahashivratri, I fasted that day, watched Sadhguru’s festivity online, and that had quite an impact on me. In the next few days, I briefly looked into other things he mentioned about Hinduism. I was feeling a strong pull towards this culture and at the same time, things were unfolding naturally, as if I was in it since always, doing a lot of other stuff in parallel, as always.

It must have been 2 weeks into this when during an afternoon I felt so unbelievable tired, it was impossible to do a single thing, I was forced to take a nap, even more accurate would be to say – I was sucked into sleep. Apart from when I am sick, I never nap during the day, and there was no sickness then. Also, I didn’t pay much attention to dreams, for many years prior to that. Still, that afternoon, I slept 2 hours and I had an incredibly vivid and powerful dream/vision. This huge, 30-40 meters giant, almost naked, muscular, threw me and my Indian friend apart, me in one direction and him in another. Not even worth mentioning the power of this entity was enormous, in his hands we were like kittens in a human hand. However, he didn’t hurt us, only separated us and it was surprising to see that after the big fall, there was no damage or pain in the body. The message was clear: stay away.

Later that day, when I told my friend about it, he also said that he fell asleep that afternoon, which was unusual for him, too. He told me he is a Brahmachari devotee and showed me a picture of Brahmachari (also known as Hanuman). I wasn’t able to recognize him immediately because what makes him distinguishable is his monkey-like face and in my dream/vision, I only saw him from the back. However, very soon, after studying a bit about and meeting him again, in meditation, I could see that it was him.

The interaction with this deity was different each time and at the moment of writing, slowly, it still unfolds; one time he put me on his shoulder, where I was the size of a bird and felt it was too high, also he tried to push away my friend and then I asked for him to be allowed as well, another time when I tried to take his hand he kicked me, I was projected far, above the earth – this was surprising but I redressed quickly…this kick I knew, was done with the intention and with the message to be on my own, I even heard in my mind ‘It’s time’ … I know I haven’t seen the last of him.


Spring Navratri 2022, Mahagauri

The knowledge of spring Navratri’s existence came in April 2022. I was in the middle of the Christian Lent, fasting, so, it wasn’t much of a difference to follow the Hindu fasting rules. For 9 consecutive days, you are supposed to have a vegetarian meal a day, be it lunch or dinner and celebrate different forms of the Goddess each day. So, I fasted and also listened to some mantras online.

Only a few days before this, I had the first few encounters with a Hindu deity, had no idea what I was doing…figured out pieces, with a little help from someone practising Hinduism.

During the first 7 days, apart from learning a bit about the deities and finding some pleasant mantras, nothing else happened. I remember I was joking with my fasting mate, that only the male gods want to hang out with me.

Then, on the 8th day, similar to the first encounter with a deity, I felt a huge, huge pull to lie down and rest, more like meditating, this time. I then had a clear vision of a woman covering my body, not my face, with a white sheet. The energy was of purity, peaceful, and also very natural. Also, after that, I felt a woman dressed in red near me. I didn’t make much of it, just told my friend. Later that day, after he researched a bit, he told me that was the day on which Mahagauri, The White Mother was celebrated and that she was a symbol of purity, peace, devotion. It was not only about the little things, like, she is depicted sitting on a Taurus and my sign is Taurus, she is dressed in white as in my vision, or that my name is White, like hers; when he told me, the knowing, that particular knowing, when the coin drops, just dropped on me…to stay. The White Mother answered a few times in reiki sessions and I knew she is near to assist; clients also told me about white lights and the pure, pristine energy they felt during those reiki sessions when she was around.



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