A few ghosts

A few ghosts

There were some meetings – interactions with spirits of dead people, all in different circumstances and forms. These are just passing events, due to some openings or just so I can be aware of these other worlds. I know that it is not my destiny to constantly speak with the dead. I called them ‘ghosts’ and not spirits, so I can easier differentiate them from the spirits from other roams.

The ghost spirit that just fell into me

One such interaction happened once, I was just lying in bed and bang! a dusty, inert spirit with dark grey clothes and an old hat just dropped inside me. I knew it was the spirit of a dead man. That, obviously made me instantly alert, with a very present ’What the hell!’ kind of thing, rejecting him. With this particular spirit that’s all there was.

The group of ghosts looking for shelter in my flat

Another interaction was with a group. It was almost dark before I was going to sleep and I saw in the corner of my bedroom a woman in a dress with green and white flowers, together with 2 men, less clear. I knew they were looking for a place to spend the night and I knew my place attracted them because it is energetically clean. For a few minutes, I witnessed this happening but didn’t feel like doing anything more than watching. The ghost in the green dress made a sign and called others, which initially seemed to be far away, but in an instant, my bedroom got so completely filled with both their holographic-like bodies and buzzing energy. It felt like being all of a sudden in a crowded public space. It was way too fast and too much so I asked them out immediately. They left.

Dana’s ghost-spirit spread over the hills

Another meeting with a passed spirit happened in 2018 or so. By a series of synchronicities online I happened to talk for an hour with a young woman in Rome, Italy, Dana. Her situation was completely horrendous. A few weeks old baby, post-partum depression, her husband was parading his mistress in their common workplace, and her mother and father were blaming her for the whole situation. I talked to Dana and saw she was suicidal, pleaded with her mother to offer her shelter and take her to a psychologist. What her mother did next was ask her out of the house and what Dana did next was hung herself. I took the day off, spent some hours walking, went to the beach and lit a candle there for Dana. On the way back home, my partner went inside a shop to buy a coke and I waited outside. It was a remote, open space, with very few houses, you could see the hills with the grass. It was there when I saw and felt the essence of Dana, spread on a huge surface, through 2, 3 small hills. She was see-through, scared, and didn’t know what was happening. I talked to her in the language of the mind, told her now I cannot do anything else to help her, it’s not my ream anymore, and told her to go into the light. My friend, who introduced Dana to me was for a few years a bit too caught in investigating what happened; so, busy, as usual, I took distance from this dysfunctional family. Dana must have stayed around for a while, because years later my friend got a message from Dana, during sleep, saying where her farewell letter was. They looked and found it there.

My father’s shadow, after he died

My father was a luminous being for a big period of his life. For many, many years he was the only soul in touch with mine. When we were in the same room, our presence would influence each other for the better; I didn’t have the words for it, then, but I can see it now, looking back. I loved him and understood him, I was the only one defending him through his mistakes. I moved away, physically far; he slowly moved away from light, drinking too much. He died on Halloween, 2020. Immediately after his death, a dark creature attacked me in my sleep. The wildness, the madness, was of a possessed spirit, similar to the zombies in the movies. It all happened in seconds, I was attacked by this mad creature, in complete shock, I realized it was my father, I defended myself and at the same time, I felt into the intensity of his power, to both not hurt him and keep him at a distance. All this process was extremely fast and extremely new for me. I was shocked…The fright left as soon as the attack has stopped, it was clear that I could handle easily the energetic part, but the disappointment!… Why would he attack me? Out of all his children, I was the only one who loved him unconditionally. My brother’s explanation was that the soul is travelling for a while until its fate is decided and his shadow didn’t attack me on purpose, was just out of his control; I got to see the real parts of my father’s spirit, the deeper levels, as they are. It’s been allowed also so I can go on faster with my life and not get caught in grief, he said. This didn’t push me away, though, I knew my father wasn’t perfect and neither had to be for me to love him still.




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