An absolutely overwhelming happening was a meeting with dragons from another dimension, at the end of 2019.

I remember it started with the flight of a flock of bats, many, small, and it was a lot of movement and noise.

Then, the image became clearer and clearer and what remained were a few magnificent, refined, imperial dragons…some slowly flying away, some resting for a moment. The sight and feel were unimaginable! Breath-taking! Absolutely majestic! They had different colors, their skin had from place to place rubies and diamonds distributed tastefully; were enormous – I could tell because one of them stopped briefly on a skyscraper and he had the size of a third of the skyscraper. When having these experiences, less usual things come to play; one such thing: I could instantly know their interior structure – their state – their balance and wisdom and also huge power (they had the power to wipe off small countries if they wanted to).

Everything else went secondary, then, but the extreme gratefulness for seeing such a wonder, like in a flash, my whole system was struck by a form of light, from within.

And then, furthermore, without me knowing I could actually take more, a knowing came: ‘they are here for you’… I translated it then: ‘they have been brought here for a few minutes so that you can see they exist’.


To this day, I really don’t know how I didn’t instantly turn into photons.


The dragons’ meeting took place while in a more or less ‘focusing’ mood /exercise (Eugene Gendlin’s focusing), but this ‘system lighting up’ thing – being instantly linked to an almost unbearably huge power happened 2 more times, in different circumstances and connected to other beings – Angel Michael and Ramana Maharshi.



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