While with Mooji

While with Mooji

A few interesting things happened while with Mooji, in 2013.

There was a dancing night in which I tried to take part, but I only could be there for a few minutes and went in my wooden cabin. Once there, on my own, I started moving to the rhythm of the music that could be heard everywhere in the valley. During this movement, I saw in the air my arms as you see in a movie frozen frame by frame, as if I had 6, 7 on each side of the body or as if I could perceive multiple moments in time, simultaneously.

Another thing that happened there, worth mentioning was how casual I felt. At some point, group pictures were taken and when I got close to Mooji he took my arm and directed me to sit in front of him. The photographer in front of us smiled and only then I realised I was using Mooji’s knees as the back of a sit, cringed a bit, but I was immediately reassured it was ok.

One other thing was that during a Satsang I stopped feeling my body and I instinctively touched it, to see if I am still in it. I felt my awareness expand and I felt things from around the tent where the Satsangs were taking place. I thought then, how would I explain in simple words what was happening and I realized that I had expanded maybe a few hundred square meters around.



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