Vagabond soul

Vagabond soul

I remember once, my partner at the time and I, we had a bigger argument and I ended up leaving home to stay with a female friend. I told him that anytime he would agree for us to see a psychologist I would go back home. He tried to again convince me to let go, but this time I didn’t and stayed with my friend for about 10 days until he agreed. I had a nice time with my friend, we listened to music, laugh, played darts. I was really joyful, peaceful.

On one of the nights, however, a huge restlessness took over me. All of a sudden, I strongly needed to know where he was. All odds were against me finding out. The town was big – 300.000 people, no car or money to hire a taxi, I left home without money or clothes; also, my friend did her best to talk me out of it…no use, though…nothing worked. Later that night we managed to find a taxi driver who agreed to be paid in weeks’ time and drove me everywhere in town…with no success.

The next day a friend mentioned her boyfriend seeing my partner’s car parked in a street which I could not connect with anything familiar; we didn’t know anybody precisely there.

Also, that day he came to see me. We met in a park nearby, he was extremely panicked, cried in public, not usual for him; also, unlike him, he said he saw me that night, next to his bed, just as if I was there. Needless to say, being a surgeon, he was extremely scientifically oriented and didn’t know what to do with what he saw. And, actually, neither did I. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to do a stunt like that, my only pull that night was to find out where he was.

In the 10 days I spent with my friend, the summer came literally, without the spring transition, I went from wearing the winter snow boots to sandals and sleeveless shirts borrowed from my friend.

I returned to him, a year went by, after which we separated for good. After the separation, by a series of synchronicities lived by my friends, without me or them even asking, we heard that the woman he left me for, was living on the street where a year before, in my crazy night, my friend saw his car parked.



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