The characters involved in this meeting are me, my boyfriend, one of my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends and her Muslim Chinese future parents in law, sent by her guy, from Canada to Romania, to meet her. How about that?…

The girl, Georgia was having an online relationship with a Canadian and he, before meeting her in person sent his parents to Romania to meet her. She called my boyfriend to ask for a nice restaurant and he told her to come and have a coffee where we were. I tried to calculate the probability of me meeting these people, in these circumstances in 2010, not 1510. They sat with us for 20 minutes, maybe. The Canadian Chinese did not speak English. Georgia was translating in French the few things we spoke. No one wanted to be there, all felt surreal.

And then, for a split, unbelievable second something happened. It was a second when I knew, I knew in my whole being without any doubt that this Muslim Canadian Chinese woman connected that very second, perfectly, with every single piece of my soul through a gaze. Something aligned between me and her and for that split second, I got that she gets me in such a perfect, unexpected way as if she was me. Perfect union. I often use the Tetris game to describe this event. It was as if a missing piece came straight and forever to its place. A mute perfect alignment and even if she was just a vehicle, I knew at that moment that someone or Someone knew all about my soul. 10 years later I learned about the codes transmitted from one to another just by being physically close.



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