Ex in law

Ex in law

I was on the phone with an acquaintance of mine. She used to be married to my ex’s brother, so we were ex sisters-in-law. It was one of my habits, at that time to talk on the phone in the evenings, I was telling her how I would lately come so close to finalizing contracts and they will fall apart again and again plus, other stuff, normal, usual conversation…

And then, all of a sudden, she started talking about our ex-mother-in-law. And she talked and talked…saying about all the darkness and wrongdoings suffered along many years, about the manipulative side of this old woman, about the interpretations she gave to certain events, revealing her true intentions and wishes…I don’t remember for sure if my friend suspected this woman of occult practices. In any case, I never thought about her in this way, before. I never thought about her much, actually, even though I was at her place with my ex, so often. Being there with his parents was for him important, for me, routine in which I would squeeze as much darts as possible. This woman was such a neutral character in my life!

We finished the conversation, hang up, and immediately a crystal-clear knowing: ‘Wow so, it’s you!’ At that very moment, she appeared in my kitchen, like charcoal – black smoke, a meter diameter, maybe, attacking me. Her power was strong, took all my strength to defend myself. I knew she attacked me only because she was discovered and it was a sort of knee-jerk reaction on her part. I started talking, telling her I don’t have anything with her family anymore and we should both go our separate ways, never to have anything with one another anymore. She gradually calmed down, I felt her attacking energy slowly diminishing.

This particular episode I felt like sharing, went to a tarot reader I knew and told him. He suggested asking the cards why this happened and the reply was that she was trying to stop all my financial possibilities, so I would go back to her son, she didn’t like me much, but she liked even less the women he was with now. That was the readers’ view and I remembered then interpreting it as a compliment he had for me; in the light of what I know now, I think it might be possible. As usual, in that period, the next day had to be and it was very grounded, didn’t talk about this event again for 10 or 12 years maybe.



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