How could someone acknowledge that he/she is a vampire? Many don’t even know. The stories they tell themselves!… about themselves!…

Some years ago, I had a friend with all the traits of all the vampirism forms I know. All of them. In one.

A professor of mine made once a classification of vampires. There are 8 types:

The vampire of weakness (tells you to stop dreaming, it’s unattainable),

the vampire of envy (your accomplishments are ‘just luck’),

the vampire of mistake (do a single mistake and they will qualify whatever you do as a mistake),

the vampire of conflict (feeding himself with the energy of conflict),

the vampire of good (posing as “the saviour”, usually after they created a conflict),

the vampire of arrogance (has no respect or dignity, hiding their own impotence in arrogance),

the vampire of victimization (the eternal ‘misunderstood’, they are never guilty of anything),

the leech vampire (makes you feel useful at first and ends up taking all your time and energy).

All these vampires are usually disguised as helpful guys.

Back to my friend. Was fascinating how she juggled these roles, depending on which would fit the moment. Her life was an amazing mess, her interference in others’ lives was so consuming … there was no drop of power left for her, no oxygen, so then, she had to take it from the lungs of others. Caught in her own net. And me and my ‘help attachment’, caught as well.

After a while of vampire – vampirized relationship, after some study and some chaos…things have changed. After all this, a time had come when I could almost physically, distinctly hear Gorgonas’ roaring or her soft sssssssssssnessssssssssssss, happening, no more alluring.

“I would vampirize, too, if I wouldn’t be able to breathe”, a friend said. Yes, I guess.

Although costly, once done, the experience paid off.

Count Dracula himself can come now! Me and the count, we could have tea, lavender, maybe, at candlelight.



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