A way of the heart

A way of the heart

I met Lory online. She had an eventful year, things were precipitating. Lory was talking, and talking, about the way she made her choices as a child, about recent events, about being in a hurry to travel somewhere. She was anxious about the reading, about her boyfriend waiting, a new job, maybe… Her body was in continuous movement. And talked and talked… words coming from her head. She met a stepbrother she did not know about, at her father’s funeral. She did not cry when her father died. And talk and move…

Silence and listening took me over the last few years. It is all about the person in front of me. My ‘persona’ disappears, I rest in the heart so, the being in front has space to manifest. There are words I wouldn’t say when in my head mode, but, when in the heart, these words are just coming out of me… like this time: “You are not the only one. I didn’t cry either when my mother died.”

She reacted strongly. Her mental process stopped completely and a strong, noisy sigh – smile of relief emerged from a place far, far beyond her mind. These words had touched her heart. “Oh, oh, so glad to hear that. Oh…really?” The reading for Lory took about an hour, average, apparently.

It happened many years ago and it was the only time we talked. When I think back, I know that the message she needed to hear was that she’s not alone. And this is how the grace plays and this is all.



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