A visit from God

A visit from God

20 October 2020 is the day God came to Earth in the form of 82-year-old John Butler.

God – in a little black box, called Lenovo, on my kitchen table. Me-on my kitchen windowsill, cleaning windows.

God waited patiently in line to be randomly chosen by YouTube. He started slowly talking… with John’s voice, telling tells from John’s life. John sounded first sweet and lovable, genuine…it was pleasant, outside sunny, the window cloths were well absorbing. And then John said ‘ For many years I was homeless and loveless’.

‘Loveless’!!!! ‘Loveless’ struck me like a lightning! And in that very second, I exploded! ‘Loveless’ went far, deep, like a drill, in me, instantly, straight into the deepest of the deep I never knew I have and opened something in each cell. The longing to serve this soul!… to show him love… So, so strong! In that very second, I wanted to make money so I could give it to him, buy his books, go, be near him where he was praying, clean his flat. I learned all the devotion people have for gurus in a split second and in the same instant, I learned the drawback of having it for just one soul. Something irreversibly changed in me, just like something is changing when receiving Shaktipat. From that moment on, my prayer became ‘please let me be able to love everyone’.


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