My first reading

My first reading

My first tarot reading for somebody I didn’t know – Cristina, a friend of Mari’s. Cristina was going through a hard time. Her parents were ill, she had just broken up with a boyfriend she had for many years. When asked if I would read for her, I hesitated. Cristina showed interest in meeting me even before I started reading tarot. She asked Mari if she would travel to Scotland, would I be willing to talk to her and Mari to translate? At that time this sounded a bit too overwhelming. I was not ready to play such an important part in someone’s life. I said no.

But now, Cristina was facing problems and asked again for me. The doubt to read for her lasted two days, and then, completely vanished. I am finding myself late in the evening, at Mari’s door.

Cristina is with her parents in Bulgaria, her ex-boyfriend in Spain, me and Mari, at a farm in Scotland, talking in English, not our first language. Mari is translating for Cristina in Bulgarian, on Skype. The bond is perfect.

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