Holiday man – Eckhart Tolle

Holiday man – Eckhart Tolle

The feeling I get when I watch Eckhart Tolle is a “now” feeling, the kind one gets on holidays. Holidays are times of presence, time to allow for things to manifest, to get a taste of all.

When I first stumbled into Eckhart Tolle it was at a time when my chances to become homeless were the biggest ever. Those who lived in an ex-communist country during the recession, know what I am talking about. I was working all day, all week and every single minute of the day was a negotiation with life for allowance. Every minute of every day, every skill and knowledge and gift had to be efficiently used. A battlefield with no physical weapons and no time out.

Someone told me about Eckhart’s book, or I just found it on the internet, I don’t remember. What I do remember is that in all the mess around me and inside me, in all the madness and chaos a colleague said: “Why don’t you just sit and read it if you like it so much?” And I sat and I read it. In one sitting, or 2. And the world and the time in Grivitei Boulevard in Brasov disappeared and so did the noise in my head and the cringe in my body and the ‘The power of now’ replaced everything, for a while.


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