For a long time, Diana thought about leaving her workplace; she wanted more money and a summer holiday she could not get.

The spread I used for her was with 3 cards: Thought, Word, Did. Thought – the way you think about the topic. Word – the way you talk about the topic. Did – what is worth doing. For “Did” – 8 of cups. The character in the 8 of cups card is turning their back, slowly making their way away; so – leave the place.

She knew something had to be done, my cards only confirmed it. I saw her body strengthening, her eyes got lit. Her decision was finally made – she’ll leave the job to find another where she could get these 2 things she wanted. I could almost see her soul spreading this decision out, and feel her energy field change, in that split second.

On the next day of work, Diana’s manager approached her; told her he was happy with her work and offered her a raise, a schedule to suit her better and 2 weeks of holiday during the summer.

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