In 2014 I was the ‘star’ of a family constellation in Croatia. Cried my self-imposed restriction out, so loudly, and for so long, I had to do breathing exercises to still stand. The clarity of the truth I discovered laying in myself beats the clarity of the clearest crystal.
And I don’t cry. I am or was most of the time the queen of swords… the king of swords, in fact.

I was on holiday, a short one. This constellation was not programmed, I didn’t influence things to happen, and the facilitator didn’t make many efforts to organize it. I don’t know Croatian and all attending had to be fluent in English. Even when there, when my hand put itself up to ‘work’, the organizer initially refused to work with me and I was fine with that. And, well, so on… all sorts of “no’s”. Apparently, the chances for my shift to happen that day were close to zero.

The right way, it seems, when one just is, detached. A being in the flow of doing, without restriction. This flow took over, all 12-14 people involved, but the number of people is not important; whole worlds can move in this same way, at this same time.

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